Employers failing to meet health & safety laws

employers are failing to meet health and safety regulations.

survey by employment law firm Peninsula reveals that 72 per cent of employers
polled do not fully comply with health and safety laws. A further 87 per cent
expressed concern that they could be prosecuted and their business fold as a

majority of the 2,642 employers surveyed have experienced a workplace accident
(84 per cent), 73 per cent of which being serious.

Done, managing director at Peninsula, said it is time employers woke up to
their responsibilities.

have to get to grips with health and safety. Failure not only costs lives, it
can cost the employer a great deal.”

increase in insurance liability premiums was cited by 89 per cent of
respondents as a problem, and 93 per cent think health and safety compensation
is spiralling out of control, with it becoming increasingly easy for employees
to make a claim.

Roisin Woolnough

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