Employers must see alcohol misuse as a company problem

than three-quarters of businesses in the UK believe alcohol consumption
contributes to poor performance at work, or people pulling a ‘sickie’.

large majority of HR professionals surveyed by Croner Consulting answered ‘yes’
to the question: ‘Do you think alcohol consumption contributes to absenteeism
and underperformance in the workplace?’

research found that people in employment are likely to drink more heavily than
those not working. While one in four working men regularly drink over the
recommended weekly alcohol limit every week, only one in seven women

Smith, consultant on employment law at Croner Consulting, said that alcohol
could not just be considered a private concern, but a constant and growing
problem for companies, which is costing business money.

added that there were surprisingly few companies who monitored sick days, even
though they suspected alcohol was to blame for absence.

also raised safety concerns, saying: "Employees who come to work under the
influence or with a hangover are far more likely to have an accident at work,
putting themselves and others at risk."


By Michael Millar

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