Firms set to reduce private healthcare provision for staff

than four in 10 companies will reduce private healthcare provision for staff if
costs continue to rise, with more than half citing stress as a significant

a new survey, 44 per cent of firms warned eligibility for healthcare will have
to be cut if costs increased, with a further 40 per cent admitting the benefits
have not been managed successfully.

issue of rising expense presents a dilemma for companies as 80 per cent believe
curtailing private healthcare could damage recruitment and retention.

90 per cent of respondents thought providing healthcare for staff was a
fundamental part of being a caring employer.

Government spending in the NHS has done little to help firms improve employee
wellbeing, with just 16 per cent claiming the additional investment in the
health service will reduce pressure on business.

survey of 100 companies by consultants Mercer also found that 51 per cent of
bosses recognised stress-related illnesses as a significant issue.

By Ross Wigham

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