Employers oppose temp workers directive

majority of employers are opposed to the draft EU agency workers directive,
research finds.

two-thirds of the companies surveyed by hotrecruit.com were against the
proposed EU Agency Worker’s Directive, saying it would have a detrimental
impact on the number of temporary workers they employ.

respondents feel that if the directive, which will give temporary workers the
right to the same pay and conditions as permanent employees after just six
weeks of employment, were implemented it would also have negative effect on
their overall business.

quarter of companies surveyed reveal that they are employing more temporary
workers than ever since the downturn to help them through busy periods.    

over 40 per cent of those surveyed regularly hire temporary staff in a
permanent capacity and they actively encourage temporary workers to apply for
permanent jobs.     

than three-quarters of those surveyed said they value temporary workers as a
highly motivated workforce who integrate well with the rest of the company’s

results speak for themselves, temporary workers are a highly valued commodity
for companies  this is excellent news
for all those taking part in National Temporary Workers week.” said Harvey
Sinclair, managing director of hotrecruit.com

results also reflect the industry concerns over the ramifications of the EU
Agency Workers Directive in its existing state.”

By Ben Willmott

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