Employers urged to push women into the spotlight

are being urged to encourage female staff to apply for national public
appointments and have a greater say in key national decisions.

At a
Women and Equality Unit seminar in Central London, women told joining a
national public body could help their careers and employers through learning
new skills.

at the seminar, Trade Secretary and Cabinet Minister for Women, Patricia Hewitt
told employers they can play a key role by encouraging their staff to take up a
public appointment. Women could enrich government policy-making and ensure it
is rooted in reality, said Ms Hewitt.

said the skills and experience gained could enable them to perform better in
the workplace and ensure their company’s service delivery better reflects the
community they serve.

said: "Women make up half the population. If our public bodies are to
serve the consumer properly they must reflect this – only then can they be
truly representative of all sections of the community."

seminar included practical help and support thinking as well as interactive
exercises, and the opportunity to join a mentors’ network.

the FTSE 100 firms, only 6 per cent of women hold directorships and 43 firms
have no female directors.



By Paul Nelson



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