Employers weigh value of training to the business

The biggest driver for measuring and evaluating training is to demonstrate the positive impact of training on the business, according to research.

Research from learning and development consultancy MaST International, shows the impact training has on the business is the reason most companies measure it (34%).

This is closely followed by the desire to allocate training spend more wisely in the future (24%) and justify the training budget (19%).

The survey went on to reveal that in spite of this, only 8% use pre- and post- course diagnostics and only one in five link course work to real-work projects and activities.

Instead, course evaluation forms (26%) and anecdotal feedback (21%) are the most popular ways of measuring the effectiveness of training.

This indicates that companies are focusing more heavily on employees’ feelings about training rather than the specific impact it has on their ability to do their jobs. Furthermore, over half (60%) of the 80 HR professionals surveyed do not have a specific budget for measurement and evaluation of training initiatives.

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