Employment law timetable

This month’s employment law timetable

Spring 2003

The Government is expected to introduce the equal pay questionnaire on which
it has consulted.

6 April 2003

The right for employees with a child under the age of six, 18 in respect of
a disabled child and subject to qualifying requirements to request to work
flexibly and for employers to consider that request seriously will come into
force. A statutory procedure for progressing an application will be introduced.

22 May 2003

The Government’s consultation on options regarding the review of the
Employment Relations Act 1999 closes.

Summer 2003

The Government is expected to issue a consultation document and draft
regulations on the implementation of the directive which will establish
procedures for information and consultation in undertakings with 50 or more

Nicola Whitlock, social policy manager, EFSP in association with

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