Employment lawyers co-operate to spot serial litigants

Lawyers are working together to combat an increasing number of false compensation claims from serial litigants.

Essex lawyer Gordon Turner has drawn up a 30-person list of serial claimants, with one man alone believed to have been involved in 150 allegations of discrimination, reports the Telegraph.

He had made discrimination claims around jobs ranging from architecture to mobile telecommunications and even dance examining, alleging that use of the words ‘recent graduate’ or ‘school leaver’ in adverts was discriminatory on age grounds.

Turner said: “I have seen 50 decisions against him based on jobs he hadn’t applied for. I am aware of at least 30 people involved in multiple claims and I’m now finding myself a conduit for a phenomenon that nobody has got a handle on.”

He is pressing for changes in the tribunal set-up, to protect employers against serial litigants and allow details of claims to be exchanged and circulated.

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