Employment of overseas staff is made easier

The Government is lifting the restrictions on the employment of foreign workers in a bid to close the UK’s skills gap.

From October, it will be easier for foreign graduates and people falling into the “key workers” category to enter the UK. Graduates will no longer need to have had at least two years relevant post-graduate experience.

Key workers – including head chefs and health technicians – will need three years’ experience and not five. Employers have lobbied to make it easier to employ highly skilled foreign workers (News, 19 September) and for red tape to be cut.

Making the announcement last week, Employment and Equal Opportunities Minister Margaret Hodge estimated that around 100,000 overseas staff would come into the country under the new regulations next year.

Companies including UBS, Rolls Royce, Ernst and Young and Sony UK will work with the Government on a pilot scheme encouraging multinational employers to transfer employees from abroad.


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