Employment Relations Bill receives Royal Assent

The Government’s Employment
Relations Bill, which paves the way for the new information and consultation
process, has received Royal Assent.

The Act puts the
conclusions of the Government’s review of the Employment Relations Act 1999
into legislation. It aims to provide a set of standards for fresh, modern,
constructive trade unions, which will help them work
more co-operatively and efficiently with businesses.

It seeks to modernise trade
unions, and focuses on racism and employer intimidation – factors which the
Government recognises as flaws in current trade unions.

Protection has also been
enhanced for employees suffering unfair dismissal.

Employment relations minister
Gerry Sutcliffe said: "The Employment Relations Act 2004 builds on the
success of our earlier measures to modernise trade unions and employment law,
encouraging regular communication between employers and the workforce, and
tackling racist activists among trade unions, undermining those who use unions
as a vehicle for spreading hatred and intolerance."

By Hannah Moffatt





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