Employment relations minister pledges to save HR £1m per day in legal fees

Employment relations minister Pat McFadden this morning pledged to save HR professionals across the UK £1m per day in consultancy fees.

McFadden said the government was working with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to reduce the need for employers to pay for legal advice.

Speaking to delegates at a CIPD conference in Westminster, McFadden said: “We are working to increase the content of government guidance on employment law.

“We aim to save employers £365m per year within a couple of years by explaining things in a clearer manner.”

McFadden said the government’s guiding principle on employment law was for the UK “to be a dynamic, enterprising, open, risk-taking economy, where employees have the chance to make the most of their working lives”.

However, he warned rogue employers: “We are going to come after you. We want to see proper enforcement of the law.”

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