Employment taskforce aids staff as PC maker shuts down

An employment taskforce has been set up to help the 1,500 workers made redundant by the collapse of the maker of Tiny PCs.

The group, formed by local authorities, business groups and skills agencies across East Lancashire, will offer advice on job hunting and training for the former employees of Granville Technology.

With unemployment levels in east Lancashire higher than the national average, there are fears that workers could struggle to find new jobs. However, business support groups believe that despite the scale of the redundancies, there are some causes for optimism.

The Lancashire Economic Partnership – which has organised the taskforce – said skilled workers were in real demand in that part of the county.

The partnership will be working with major employers in the region to identify suitable vacancies for the workers. It will also help staff who may consider a change of career, or setting up their own business.

Granville Technology collapsed on Wednesday after finally running out of cash.


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