Engaging your staff can be good for business

Employee engagement can have a major impact on organisational success and profits – a factor that employers are taking very seriously.

An IRS survey of 81 employers shows 88 per cent are actively seeking to improve employee engagement in their organisations.

The survey shows that employers are also paying attention to employee satisfaction and commitment. The majority of respondents have made changes to their employment policies or practices in response to the assessment of employee attitudes. The most common response, cited by 78 per cent, is to improve internal communications.

The most common method used to assess the employer/employee relationship is the monitoring of absence (89 per cent), followed by exit interviews (84 per cent), and the monitoring of retention rates (70 per cent).

Relationships with managers were cited as the biggest influence on the satisfaction and commitment of employees by 63 per cent of respondents, followed by relationships with colleagues (60 per cent) and the quality of line management (57 per cent).

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