EOC issues five-step guide to pay equality

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has published a guide giving
details of the five steps employers need to take to ensure they are not
short-changing women.

The EOC’s Equal Pay kit – a step-by-step guide for employers on how to
review their pay systems – was officially launched last week by women’s
minister Barbara Roche.

Speaking at the launch, Roche said: "This kit is an essential tool for
employers who take equality seriously. I hope that carrying out an equal pay
review will soon be seen as good business practice for every employer.

"The sooner that happens the sooner women will be able to feel
confident their contribution at work is valued."

Julie Mellor, EOC chairwoman, said progress towards closing the equal pay
gap is extremely slow. She challenged employers to lead the way on equal pay by
making a commitment to holding equal pay reviews.

"We know the majority of employers don’t deliberately discriminate
against women. EOC research found that 93 per cent of employers were confident
they paid fairly, but few had checked their pay system for bias," she

"Pay systems are complex and it is too easy for discrimination to creep
in, as recent EOC cases demonstrate. This kit will make it easier for employers
to carry out a pay review. This is the only way they can be sure their pay
system is fair."

The five steps are:

– Deciding the scope of the review and identifying information required

– Determining where men and women are doing equal work

– Collecting pay data to identify equal pay gaps

– Establishing the causes of any significant pay gaps and assessing the
reasons for these

– Developing an equal pay plan


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