Equal pay changes quicken claims

The DfEE’s new measures to simplify and speed up equal pay laws have
received a mixed reaction from the HR profession.

The measures enable tribunals to use an assessor to give expert advice
rather than demand a time-consuming formal report, and female staff claiming as
a group against the same employer will now have to fill out only one form,
instead of completing one each.

Juris Grinsberg, HR director at retailer Littlewoods and former member of
the Equal Pay Task Force, said, "It is a step in the right direction that
will reduce the pay gap and help address the issue. But I am disappointed,
although not surprised, that the mandatory pay review recommendation was not

Frances Wright, HR director of consultancy SHL, said, "It is difficult
for women to make claims, so the reduction of red tape will certainly help. It
is a shame that in some sectors the culture of work-based equality has not
changed. This move should help to raise the profile of the issue."

Furthermore, the Government will also provide £145,000 to the Union Learning
Fund to train trade union representatives to perform pay reviews in the


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