Equality body refutes companies’ confidence on equal pay

Nine out of 10 employers are certain that the pay between male and female staff is equal, but this confidence is often misplaced, the Equal Opportunities Commission said today.

Early findings of research on organisational pay practices commissioned by the Equal Opportunities Commission, announced at an EOC conference today, showed that the public sector was the most committed to equal pay and manufacturing companies were the most complacent.

Of the 301 HR managers surveyed, 93 per cent were confident that their pay systems were fair. However, only 35 per cent had analysed basic pay by gender.

Forty per cent of HR managers, all from organisations with over 200 employees, said they monitored the respective pay of men and women. In public sector companies, 59 per cent carried out such monitoring, compared to 33 per cent in the service sector and 27 per cent in manufacturing.


by Lisa Bratby




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