Equality groups to work with industry to achieve change

leaders of the three equality commissions today unveiled plans for a new
partnership with business at the CBI conference in Birmingham.

Equal Opportunities Commission, the Commission for Racial Equality and the
Disability Rights Commission made a commitment to work in partnership with
industry to promote equality of opportunity for both staff and customers. 

pledged to listen to business needs and respond appropriately, work to achieve
change through consensus and to initiate legal powers only when all other
options have been explored.

commissions are not in the business of trying to catch employers out. We are
here today to continue our dialogue with business. It is important that we
listen to each other and work together in order to develop best practice,"
said Julie Mellor, chairwoman
of the EOC.

already work closely with employers in many areas of our work – the Equal Pay
Task Force was led by employers, and the CBI is involved with our work updating
the Code of Practice on equal pay. We want to build on those existing
relationships, to help you hold on to talent and get the best out of your

Singh, chairman of the CRE, said the partnership would provide a
framework to develop fresh and dynamic ways of delivering equality throughout
the business community.

By Paul Nelson



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