Ernst & Young adds video to new global training programme for junior advisors

Ernst & Young, one of the world’s leading professional services firms, is using the Video Arts Digital Library to stream consistent video-based learning as part of a new, global development programme for all graduates in its Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) team.

To enhance the business capabilities and technical competence of its junior advisors, Ernst & Young’s TAS team has developed a 10-day, classroom-based programme that covers its six different service lines.

“We provide corporate finance advice and we help clients to evaluate, structure and complete important deals,” said Andreas Billand, Executive Director of the TAS team. “This programme will help us to create a new generation of more rounded professionals who can work across our different services lines.”

Delivered in stages over the first three years of their career with Ernst & Young, the new programme features case studies, expert presentations, simulations and role plays.

“We wanted to give the programme an edge that would appeal to today’s Generation Y graduates and make it different to other Ernst & Young training programmes,” said Andreas Billand. “We liked the idea of using video because it’s an engaging medium and something that our target audience are used to consuming all the time. After looking at the options, we decided to use the Video Arts Digital Library as it gives us the flexibility to stream video in a classroom environment, in different locations anywhere in the world, at any time. We then chose to use a film called FISH! which offers a fresh perspective. This gives our programme a new dimension, as it’s something very different to the rest of the content.”

FISH! is the world’s best selling training film. Exclusively distributed in the UK by Video Arts, it shows how the fishmongers at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle bring energy, commitment and fun to their work. The film has been translated into 17 languages and is an established resource for motivation and engagement training.

“FISH! offers simple principles that are applicable to all staff, such as ‘choose your attitude’ and ‘make their day’,” said Andreas Billand. “It inspires you to feel excited by your work. Our facilitators put the film in context and explain how the FISH! philosophy can engender trust, accountability and innovation.”

The new TAS programme is being delivered for cohorts of 30 junior advisors at a time, through Ernst & Young’s regional training hubs in Europe (London, Frankfurt, Prague, Amsterdam), the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. The TAS team ran international ‘train the trainer’ sessions to prepare the 100 in-house facilitators who will deliver the programme.

According to Andreas Billand, initial feedback on the new programme has been very positive.

“We’re now rolling out the programme on a global basis,” he said. “We’re confident that it will help us to develop more flexible advisors who will be able to add value wherever the demand is within the business, whether that’s mergers & acquisitions in a growth economy or restructuring and divestments in more difficult times.”


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