Ethiopian Airlines overhauls its recruitment processes

Ethiopian Airlines has overhauled its recruitment processes after training from assessment company PSL.

The African airline, which employs more than 4,700 people, has introduced competency frameworks, assessment centres and structured one-to-one interviews as part of its selection process.

Previously, the airline had used the same recruitment processes for each role, from trainee technician to pilot.

Lia Belai, assessment and development manager at Ethiopian Airlines, said: “Assessment centres are new to our country. Our interviews were not structured, and therefore inconsistent, meaning we had a lot of fall out from our trainee schemes.”

The airline receives about 1,000 job applications each year. Prior to working with PSL, each applicant had to undertake a written examination and a standard interview. 

Candidates now have to do presentations, group activities and listening comprehension tasks as part of the airline’s recruitment.

“We are now able to assess job relevant capabilities and behaviours that previously were not possible,” Belai said.

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