Euro neighbours have different off days

Language, geography and a
history of distrust may not be the biggest barriers to European economic
harmony after all.

A survey of 780 European
recruitment managers by administrative personnel agency Office Team reveals
that European workers are most productive on different days of the week.

Laziness also appears to be
geographically influenced, with workers in the Czech Republic and Holland being
most productive on a Friday – the day that the rest of Europe is grinding to a

Elsewhere, Tuesday was
generally considered to be the most productive day with 44 per cent of European
managers confirming it to be the busiest and most fruitful. This figure reached
as high as 61 per cent in France

For the UK, the results showed
a slow Monday, busy Tuesday and a gradual decline in productivity towards the
weekend. Only Germany recorded less productivity on a Monday.

The Office Team survey drew
responses from six
European countries: Belgium, the
Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

By Phil Boucher

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