Europe leads by example over lunch

than a third of UK business leaders work through their lunch hour, compared to
only 6 per cent of other European executives.

to the UPS Europe Business Monitor, an annual survey of 1,452 senior business
leaders from Europe’s top 15,000 companies by revenue, British executives are
most likely to be found at their desks during lunchtime.

27 per cent of those surveyed are to be found at their desks catching up with
news or personal matters, a further 36 per cent opt to eat lunch at their desks
and continue to work.

is six times higher than the European average.

on the continent regularly choose to socialise with colleagues at lunch –
eating at local restaurants or in the staff canteen.

likely to eat in the company canteen are the Dutch (69 per cent) and the
Germans (62 per cent). Executives in Spain, France and Italy, prefer to eat out
in cafés or restaurants or go home for lunch.

By Quentin Reade

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