Companies plan assault on skills gaps

majority of UK companies are planning to take action to address skill shortages
and ensure their people are in the right job roles.

survey by Accenture of 100 senior executives reveals 93 percent of respondents
intend to restructure the existing roles and responsibilities of their staff
and 85 per cent expect to hire new people to meet the skills they need.

study also shows that 95 per cent of employers intend to retrain current staff
to build the skills and capabilities needed in the future. 

also expressed concerns that a significant percentage of their employees did
not understand the direction of their business, with 42 percent of respondents
reporting that fewer than half of their employees understood their corporate

half the respondents identify leadership and management skills as the most
critical skill deficiency that needed addressing.

findings of a second survey conducted by Accenture, focusing on employee
perceptions, reveals that more than 70 per cent of the 300 employees surveyed
did not trust their senior managers.

findings highlight some significant challenges for leaders at all levels in an
organisation,” said Peter Cheese, managing partner of Accenture’s Human
Performance service line. 

recognition of the shortfall in leadership and management skills highlights
where some of the key challenges lie, and while expanded training, motivational
programs and improved communications are critical components, leadership
capability at all levels is essential to business success.”

By Ben Willmott

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