Europe-wide protest over Corus chairman’s performance

of steelworkers at the Anglo-Dutch steel giant Corus are to hold protests across
Europe today.

staff will be calling for the resignation of Corus chairman Sir Brian Moffat, because
they believe he is to blame for the steel giant’s financial crisis.

which was created out of a merger between British Steel and Dutch manufacturer
Hoogovens, has cut 6,000 jobs in the past three years while more than 3,000 are
also set to go in the near future.

Leahy, secretary of the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation, said: "This
will be one of the largest European trade union protests and shows the
determination of the workforce."

Sir Brian won’t listen then we hope the shareholders will see sense and sub him
for a better player who will improve the Corus team’s performance."

March, Corus chief executive Tony Pedder stepped down after announcing more

company infuriated unions earlier this month after announcing a new bonus
scheme for its directors regardless of whether the firm is making a profit.

Paul Nelson


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