European guidelines to help schools tackle health and safety issues

advice has been published to help teachers and other staff in Europe’s
education sector minimise the risk of violence and other health hazards.

to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 4 per cent of employees
in the sector have been physically assaulted and 12 per cent subjected to some
form of intimidation.

new factsheets provide
advice to alleviate risks such as abusive pupils and parents, musculoskeletal
disorders induced by lifting children and other dangers .

fact sheets include: 

Prevention of violence to staff in the education sector: describes the
principal causes of violence against staff and the main steps organisations
need to take to assess and minimise the risks.

health and safety in the education sector: highlights the main risks, such as
bullying, stress and slips, and the procedures required to control them,
including risk assessments.

of occupational safety and health in the education sector: provides a framework
for evaluating and assessing the risks, from identifying the most vulnerable
people and situations to allocating responsibility for managing the risks and
monitoring progress.

Michael Millar

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