Exclusive Investigations Training Offer for UK Universities

People Resolutions are conflict management specialists working with a number of UK Universities to upskill their internal Investigating Officers, in order to reduce costs and ensure quality and consistency in the process and output of each investigation.

Line managers and HR staff alike attend our intensive one to two-day training programmes, specifically designed for those in a higher education environment and tailored to each institution’s policies and procedures.

Through facilitated discussion, live role play and academia-relevant case studies, delegates adopt the best practice knowledge, skills and confidence to carry out a thorough and efficient investigation, culminating in a robust report capable of standing up at Tribunal.

Within your grievance handling remit, you might be keen to ensure a similar level of quality and consistency across your internal investigations, and therefore we’d like to offer you a 10% discount on any of our training courses booked before 31st January 2012.

To find out more, speak with our Investigations Specialist, Natalia Baker, by calling  01908 524110  or emailing natalia@peopleresolutions.com.

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