Excuses for failing to turn up: Training – the far side

  1. I left my bedroom window open, fog came in through the night and I couldn’t see my alarm clock

  2. My goldfish died

  3. I know all there is to know and there’s nothing else you can teach me

  4. I cut my hand on a McDonald’s burger box and had to go to hospital

  5. I didn’t think I actually had to attend

  6. I’m having the dog groomed

  7. I got lost

  8. Can’t come as I’m dog-sitting for my parents

  9. Wasn’t sure that you’d really want me there

  10. My cat is having kittens – I can’t leave her

  11. Can’t make it, I’ve just gone into labour

  12. I don’t understand your problem

  13. Too busy (a time management course)

  14. I always fall asleep in class and don’t want to embarrass myself

  15. I couldn’t get the goat out from under the table

  16. I could see the venue but I couldn’t get to it

  17. I’m seeing my accountant

  18. I couldn’t be bothered to come

  19. I was feeling too stressed (for a stress management workshop)

  20. There was nowhere to park

  21. I forgot my hair-straightener

  22. Sorry I’m late but I had to make my own breakfast

  23. My gender re-assignment operation has been brought forward

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