Exit interviews set stage for policy reforms

professionals regularly overhaul their personnel practices in response to high
labour turnover.

CIPD survey shows that 45 per cent of firms take action following comments and
recommendation during staff exit interviews.

out of 10 employers have changed their pay and benefits structure in a bid to
halt a staff exodus.

than two-thirds of the 538 HR professionals polled – responsible for a combined
workforce of almost 800,000 – have increased development opportunities. Just
over a quarter of those polled have improved work-life balance practices, while
just under a quarter have reviewed their approach to career management. And
physical working conditions have been updated by more than 15 per cent to
reduce staff turnover rates. Surprisingly, 20 per cent claim to have taken no
specific initiatives, while 10 per cent are unconcerned about employee turnover.  www.cipd.co.uk

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