Experienced staff earn less money

Experience is no longer the most valuable commodity for the HR professional,
with the majority of over-50s earning less than their younger counterparts.

A survey by website Payfinder.com found that the average HR professional
aged between 41-50 earns £33,025, compared with the £28,161 salary of the
average HR professional aged 50-plus.

HR is not alone in this trend, with only three professions – education,
broadcasting and transport – rewarding older staff with more money for their
knowledge and experience.

The online survey of more than 100,000 people across the country from 50
different industries, reveals that once most professionals hit 50 years of age,
their wage packets get smaller.

Industry experts believe employers are more concerned about the recruitment
and retention of younger employees, and are therefore prepared to pay them
inflated bonuses and higher salary increases.

This is despite a rapidly ageing population, and the Government’s drive to
increase the number of older workers in employment.

However, record numbers of complaints have been lodged by employees against
employers, the majority of which are for alleged discrimination. In 2003 alone,
the number of registered complaints increased by 20 per cent to 127,000.

By Roisin Woolnough

Differing pay rates

Sector              Age
41-50        Age 50+

Accountancy    £34,310           £24,446
Banking            £35,089           £26,411
Catering           £21, 821          £21,164
HR                   £33,025           £28,161
Internet             £38,725           £27,068
Legal                £28,593           £22,963

Source: Payfinder.com

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