Long-hours culture makes UK plc sick

working hours, clutterred desks and poor working posture are making the
nations’ workers ill, according to researchers.

Desk Syndrome (IDS) is the latest illness to be blamed on working conditions
with 35 per cent of staff complaining of back and neck pain because of poor

survey of 2,000 employees found 30 per cent were now eating lunch at their
desks, which compounded levels of stress.

of those questioned admitted they were spending more time at their desks than
they were two years ago.

further 40 per cent claimed to be infuriated by clutter and mess around their
workstations, but couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it.

research commissioned by NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics claims IDS is hitting UK
productivity and advises workers to think more carefully about the way they sit
at their desks.

By Ross Wigham

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