Fail today and re-sit tomorrow

An online assessment system has been launched by Scotland-based firm EQL

i-assess runs across the Internet, intranets or computer networks and offers
an alternative to traditional paper-based exams.

It allows the user to create an online test via features such as a random
question generator and an instant results facility.

EQL MD Graham Divers said: "The age of e-learning has arrived and
online assessment is the natural progression for this important educational
medium. This technology will enhance and support the proliferation of lifelong

The launch follows the graduation of the first students of the ABC
bookkeeping qualification, developed by EQL for the Association of Accounting
Technicians (AAT), who were assessed using the system.

The AAT is provided on CD-Rom and takes about three months to complete. It
is followed by a Web-based exam at one of the AAT’s registered centres.

The pass mark is 70 per cent and students get their result immediately and
are given feedback. If they fail, they can re-sit the exam as early as the next

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