Failing to tackle bullying costs employers £14bn

Failure to tackle bullying in the workplace costs UK employers almost £14bn each year, research has found.

The Costs of Workplace Bullying, a research project by Unite union, also revealed that black, minority and ethnic workers are more likely to be targets and less likely to have a support network.

The report estimated that 33.5 million days were lost by organisations last year alone because of bullying-related absenteeism. Combined with increased turnover statistics and costs to productivity, experts estimate employers are left out of pocket to the tune of £13.75bn.

Cath Speight, Unite acting head of equalities said: “Workers who suffer from bullying, and those who witness it, experience low morale and are more likely to take time off or leave their jobs.

“Employers need to recognise this and take action to combat it.”

The report’s main author, Dr Sabir Giga from the University of Bradford, said: “Employers must develop a zero tolerance to bullying so that all workers are treated with dignity and respect.”

Close to 200,000 employees considered quitting their job and almost 100 million days’ worth of productivity were loss as a result of workplace bullying and harassment.

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