Farmers safety is prioritised by the HSE

often underestimate the dangers of risks of injury from moving or overturning
vehicles, falling objects and falls from heights, the Health and Safety
Executive has warned.

farmers generally have a healthy regard for the risks from machinery, livestock
and contact with electricity, 56 per cent admit to using a machine with an
unguarded power take-off shaft.

total of 79 per cent of the 925 farmers questioned admit to working off
unsecured or unfooted ladders, 36 per cent say they drive quad bikes without a
helmet and 40 per cent allow uncertificated operators to use a fork-lift truck.

has the highest fatal injuries rate among workers and has been identified as a
priority for action by the HSE.

executive has received a total of £90,000 of funding from the Government to
develop an electronic means for farmers to carry out their own risk

project will involve the National Farmers’ Union and the Transport and General
Workers Union, and will lead to an internet-based form that has direct links to
relevant health and safety guidance.

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