Britons turn to drink to relieve stress

people are more likely to hit the bottle in an effort to forget stress than
their European counterparts, according to a new survey.

published by market analysts Datamonitor show record numbers of stressed-out
Britons are hitting the bottle to overcome stress.

study indicates that almost £21bn was spent on stress-related drinking in the
UK in 2001. The rest of Europe spent just over £90bn put together.

questionnaires were used to determine how much of the alcohol consumed was
bought to alleviate stress.

survey shows that Europe is full of uptight people, looking for ways to wind

major concerns related to work and commuting, with others linked with family
and socialising.

finds that of the 500 consumers questioned in seven European countries, 47 per
cent suffered from stress – ranging from mild to extreme.

Russell, the report’s author, said: "Work and commuting are the two most
stressful activities in consumers’ lives and both of these are set to increase.

will be increased demand for products that offer a more convenient way to
achieve mundane tasks, and for products which help consumers to wind

By Quentin Reade

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