Fast-track to teaching proposed for jobless high-flyers

Jobless professionals will be fast–tracked to become teachers within six months under new plans to be announced today by Gordon Brown.

The prime minister will unveil the policy as part of the <A href="" workingtogether.aspx? Working Together white paper aimed at reforming the public sector.

Former bankers and other skilled professionals who have lost their jobs will be able to train at half the current minimum time of one year before heading into the classroom. Another programme to enable the highest-calibre teachers to become head teachers within four years will also be available for 200 “potentially excellent” recruits in September 2010.

Ministers are especially keen to attract people with experience in areas like financial services and hi-tech industries and into shortage subjects like mathematics and science.

Schools minister Jim Knight said: “There are thousands of highly talented individuals in this country who are considering their next move. My message to them is to see what they can offer teaching and what teaching can offer them.”

No extra cash will be offered under the white paper, but some new recruits may also qualify for “golden hellos” of £10,000 a year in poor areas, which were announced in January.

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