Fatality and injury rates on the decline

The rate of fatal and major injuries is falling across industry, with construction experiencing the biggest reduction in the number of people killed at work.

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Health and Safety Statistics 2004/05 report shows the rate of reported fatal and major injuries in construction between 1999/2000 and 2004/05 has fallen by around 24%.

When comparing rates of injuries that resulted in absences from work of more than three days, there has been a reduction of around 15% across all industries between 1999/2000 and 2004/05. In construction, the rate has dropped by 35%, the report said.

Chief inspector of construction, Stephen Williams, said the industry needed to show leadership and take further action to drive through the cultural and behavioural changes needed for further improvement.

“Falls from height are still a major concern, accounting for almost 40% of the 71 workers who were killed in 2004/5,” he said. “Each death is still one too many, and simple measures could have prevented them.

“I want to see an industry that gets health and safety right first time, right from the start and with the right people involved.”



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