Fathers’ failure to take up family friendly rights to be investigated

A £320,000 project that aims to boost awareness of employment rights among low-paid fathers has been given the green light.

Campaign group Working Families and Lancaster University Management School are to conduct a two-year study into the barriers that prevent working fathers from spending more time with their families.

The research aims to increase awareness and understanding amongst working fathers, especially those on low incomes, of the options they have to manage their working lives differently. An estimated 8,500 fathers are expected to benefit through gaining greater knowledge about their employment rights, such as paternity leave and flexible working, and learning how to engage more with their children.

Sarah Jackson, chief executive of Working Families, said: “Men have just as much right as women to spend time with their children, and lots of fathers would like more time at home. But we have found that fathers are less likely than mothers to request flexible hours and more likely to have their requests turned down.”

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