Favourite blogs

Patricia Kitchen

Journalist Patricia Kitchen blogs on a wide range of career issues, specialising in career trends. She monitors and comments on themes such as women in the workforce, but beware: she doesn’t publish regularly. Kitchen’s style is straightforward, and she writes with a light, humorous touch. Readers will appreciate the well-considered career advice while enjoying anecdotes such as the story of Robert Bernocco, who composed a 384 page-long science fiction novel, by texting on his mobile phone on the way to work.

The Occupational Adventure 

Curt Rosengren’s blog is all about injecting some passion into your career. He defines passion as “the energy that comes from bringing more of YOU into what you do”. He refers constantly to MAP (meaning, abundance and passion), but once you’ve got beyond the jargon, this is an attractive blog, with plenty of podcasts. Blog categories include goal setting, overcoming obstacles, self-promotion, and the endearingly titled ‘rut-busting’ (it’s about moving out of your comfort zone).

Delightful work

This blog is billed as being ‘for those in active pursuit of work-life freedom’. Blogger Tom Volkar is a coach who, having been self-employed for more than 30 years, is keen to convince others that employment equals slavery. Whether or not you are considering abandoning corporate life for a more precarious existence as an HR consultant, this blog will provide food for thought. Particularly useful for people dragging their heels over career choices.

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