Fear of being sued prompts employers to call off staff Christmas parties

Employers are cancelling Christmas parties after being scared by strict government advice over festive fun, according to business representatives.

The Forum of Private Business revealed that companies are so worried about being sued by employees that they are calling the festivities off.

Conciliation service Acas last week published its guide on how to manage Christmas parties to avoid employment tribunal claims.

It warns that Muslims should not be made to gamble, music should cater to all ages and decorations should undergo health and safety assessments.

Acas also points out that anything that happens in the pub between work and the office party is the responsibility of the employer.

A spokesman for the Forum of Private Business told the Daily Mail: “Bosses feel they have been given unreasonable responsibility for employees who may have had a mishap after over-indulging.

“The smaller the business, the more acutely aware they are of the consequence of being taken to an employment tribunal.”



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