Feared changes on consultation are now unlikely

The European directive on staff consultation is set to be finalised this
week without the controversial changes that had been worrying UK employers.

HR professionals feared the European Parliament would implement a
one-size-fits-all approach that included prescriptive sanctions against
employers who fail to consult when restructuring their businesses.

It threatened to overturn the deal won by Tony Blair in June. It is believed
intensive talks between the European Parliament, Council of Ministers and
European Commission have resulted in a toning down in the requirement for tough

However, there is likely to be a one-year reduction in the implementation
date for employers with between 50 and 99 staff. These companies still have six
years before the rules apply.

A CBI spokesman said, "We had been concerned the carefully drafted
compromise position agreed in June would be made much tougher with several
damaging amendments."

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