Feedback from the profession

Alison Hodgson
HR resourcing and projects director, Sodexho

“It is removing flexibility for the organisation and choice for the individual. When bidding for business, the added cost of reduced flexibility must be built in up front. The client and employee need to be made aware of the operational implications of the WTD.”

Sara Edwards
Vice-president of HR, Maybourne Hotel Group

“It would adversely affect our business as a number of employees have requested to opt-out to earn overtime. If they are unable to opt-out of daily and weekly rest requirements, this could be problematic as many departments choose to work back-to-back shifts to fit in with lifestyles.”

Lucy Lofting
HR director, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

“Nobody likes EU interference, but overall, this is a good thing. People who are overstretched cannot remain at peak performance and creativity, especially if they commute for an hour at both ends of a long day. Excessive hours is a British working pattern we should be keen to lose.”

Mike Emmott
Employee relations adviser, CIPD

“People who choose to work long hours should be allowed to do so. The commission is in danger of finding a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. The unions oppose reform as they would face strong opposition if they were to seek to conclude agreements banning individual opt-outs.”

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