Financial services firm outsources temp recruitment

financial services has outsourced all its temporary recruitment, claiming that
outsourcing HR functions has brought greater control, assurance and savings to
the company.

Group Plc has taken over all temporary staffing at Prudential, a move that
follows the outsourcing of all permanent staffing to AMG.

to Prudential, outsourcing has contributed to a 33 per cent drop in the cost
base of HR, and the fall in the number of HR officers from 405 in 2001, to 220
in 2003.

Martin, HR director at Prudential, said that while part of the HR function had
been outsourced, it remained deeply woven into the fabric of the company, with
consultants attending regular briefings and enjoying a very comfortable
relationship with the rest of HR.

is an evolutionary process. We have looked at the whole HR model to create HR
business partnerships and HR specialisation," he said. "Now we can be
sure we will get staff with the right kind of experience for the right kind of

already operates an HR system where line managers trained in employee relations
skills are responsible for the well-being of their staff.

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