Firefighters strike is on as union attacks government meddling

eight-day firefighters strike is to go ahead.

Government has been accused of a last-minute intervention which
"wrecked" the chance of a peace deal.

talks were close to achieving a deal, but three hours before the strike was due
to start the Government intervened in the dispute – destroying peace hopes.

secretary of the Fire Brigades Union Andy Gilchrist said the union had decided
to suspend the strike after a new pay deal was tabled by employers. He said the
proposed deal would have given firefighters a pay rise of 16 per cent over the
next year.

Government said it wanted to study the details of the proposed deal, but could
not do so before 9 am, Gilchrist claimed.

says without the intervention of the Government, local authority employers
would have decided to agree the deal.

By Quentin Reade

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