Ford shows progress on diversity

three-quarters of Ford’s 14,000 UK
staff are proud to work at the car giant, according to the results of the
company’s first all-employee survey.

71 per cent of respondents said they were proud to work at Ford, with an even
higher proportion of its ethnic minority workforce favourably disposed towards
their employer.

survey, to which 51 per cent of the workforce responded anonymously, also shows
that 74 per cent of employees support the effort Ford is putting into
maintaining diversity and race equality.

company said the findings have identified priorities for ‘Ford of Britain’s
National Diversity Council’, which includes employee, senior management and
trade union representatives.

Kamaljeet Jandu, diversity manager at Ford, said: "Two
years ago, Ford launched its ‘Dignity at Work’ diversity policy and training
programme. Our aim is for 20 per cent of employees to undertake this training
every year.

surveys shows this investment is paying off with an improvement of up to 10 per
cent in diversity awareness,” he said.

By Daniel Thomas 


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