Insurance staff unsure about future

all (99.9 per cent) of Norwich Union staff fear further job cuts, a new survey

survey, by trade union Amicus, shows the staff fear
further job cuts under the company’s offshoring

union’s Offshoring
has been launched to co-incide
with a massive recruitment drive by Amicus within Norwich Union.

June, Norwich Union announced the loss of 700 staff as part of a cost-cutting

results form the survey shows that Norwich Union employees have the following
opinions on offshoring:

           78 per cent have job security worries

           70 per cent think the decision to
offshore was not justified

           93 per cent say the offshoring decision was taken
purely for short-term gains

           3 per cent say the offshoring decision was based on
clear business arguments

           57 per cent have dealt with
complaints from customers over the service of offshore operations

           91 per cent say customers should know
their data is stored and processed abroad

           94 per cent are concerned about the
quality of service provided by offshore functions

           94 per cent think that offshoring has damaged the
Norwich Union brand or revenues

Quentin Reade

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