Former BBC HR chief claimed more than £6,500 in expenses last year

The former BBC HR chief spent more than £6,500 on expenses last year, with claims ranging from “team drinks and nibbles” to mileage for the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Stephen Kelly, who left his people director role at the broadcaster in November 2008, submitted expense claims totalling £6,659.58, according to new figures out today. Claims included car mileage allowance to visit BBC shows such as Sports Personality of the Year, totalling £128, and the Doctor Who Christmas Special, for just 72p.

The majority of claims were classed as business entertainment, and included lunch meetings with key HR titles such as Personnel Today, amounting to nearly £300.

Kelly picked up the bill for his leadership team’s Christmas lunch, totalling £675, as well as team drinks and nibbles, amounting to £244.60. Kelly also spent a modest £3.06 at the 2007 Personnel Today Awards, the expenses showed.

Meanwhile, the organisational development and change director Frances Allcock spent £688.18 in the year 2008-09, although the items claimed – shown as part of a document listing the 50 best-paid staff at the BBC – are not individually listed. John Vickerman, director of HR shared services, claimed £41.05 in expenses.

However, Mike Goodie, director of employee relations and people, claimed nothing all year.

BBC director-general Mark Thompson claimed a total of £19,067.90 for the 2008-09 period – the largest amount of a current member of the executive committee.

Zarin Patel, the chief financial officer, claimed a total of £6,153.88, and chief operating officer Caroline Thomson £4,874.80. Deputy director-general Mark Byford was the most frugal, claiming a total of £3,300.07 in expenses.

The new people director Lucy Adams joined the corporation earlier this month.


[26 June: Frances Allcock and John Vickerman did not claim £4,746.95 and £5,807.16 respectively as reported yesterday.]

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