Writing a hybrid working policy: a guide for HR

What should HR professionals consider when writing their hybrid working policy? How should it be structured and what can it contain?

Is the future of international business travel in the balance?

24 Apr 2020

Pandemics, rising costs and environmental concerns are leading to doubts over whether long-haul business travel will ever return to 'normal'.

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UK employees more lenient around ethics but more likely to report misconduct

13 Sep 2018

UK employees take a more lenient approach than the European average to questionable workplace behaviour...

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More than four in 10 fiddle expenses, finds survey

14 Nov 2017

More than eight in 10 workers have never had expense claims challenged or declined, according to research by software company...

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Taxis and taxes: the wider implications of the Uber decision

8 Nov 2016

Most of the attention focused on the recent Uber decision has focused on the employment law aspects of the case....

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Tech to tackle temptation to tinker travel expenses

7 Oct 2016

Although no one truly knows the full extent of fraud, it is estimated that it costs the country as much...

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Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt criticised for recruiting unpaid interns

24 Oct 2011

Cabinet minister Jeremy Hunt has been pilloried by campaigners after advertising for unpaid interns.The culture secretary was found to be...

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Weekly dilemma: Interns

22 Sep 2011

We are a large design agency and operate a successful work experience programme. In return for hands-on experience, applicants work...

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One quarter of expense-claiming employees exaggerate claims according to new GlobalExpense survey

20 Dec 2010

One quarter of people that have ever claimed work expenses in the UK admit to exaggerating them according to...

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Payroll assistant sentenced to two years in prison after claiming dead man’s expenses

16 Jul 2010

A government payroll administrator has been sentenced to two years in prison after claiming a dead man’s expenses.Andre Malu defrauded...

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BBC expenses details published include 11 HR chiefs

9 Feb 2010

The BBC has published the latest expenses details of its most senior staff, including 11 HR chiefs.The claims cover the...

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MPs who refuse to repay expenses may have salaries docked

3 Dec 2009

MPs who refuse to repay expenses claims may have their salaries docked, it emerged yesterday.The report from Sir Thomas Legg,...

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MPs expenses report due today

4 Nov 2009

MPs are due to be told they cannot employ their relatives on parliamentary expenses, under recommendations from Christopher Kelly’s Committee...

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Over 500 MPs could be forced to repay some expenses claims

12 Oct 2009

Over 500 MPs – including Gordon Brown – could face demands to repay some of their expenses claims this week...

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KPMG director faces jail for expenses fraud

26 Aug 2009

A KPMG director has been convicted of stealing £545,000 through expenses claims and could now be jailed.Andrew Wetherell submitted the...

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