Free PCs enable Delta staff to log on at home

US-based Delta Air Lines is offering staff virtually free PCs to use at home in a bid to aid HR communication.

HR director for Europe, Laura Butcher, said giving staff home PCs with Internet access for a nominal monthly charge would help HR get information through to staff via the company intranet.

She said, “They will look at the intranet when it is convenient rather than when they are busy at work. They are more likely to look at information about career advancement and benefits when they are at home.”

Delta’s British and European staff will be offered a PC with Internet access, a printer and keyboard for a small monthly fee. US employees pay $12 (£8.20).

Butcher said the scheme will be up and running in this country by the beginning of 2001 for its 450 British employees as well as a further 550 employees based elsewhere in Europe.

By Helen Rowe

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