Freight firm set to plug skills gap

Freight forwarder Kuehne & Nagle has overhauled its recruitment and
training policies to try and address skills shortages.

The firm, which employs 850 people in the UK, is being hindered in its bid
to become the number one logistics supplier and freight forwarder in the
country because of problems finding the right staff, according to chief
executive Peter Ulber.

In response, the company’s HR director, Andre Roux, has introduced a
programme to address the problem, including developing a training centre in
Birmingham certified to train both external and internal staff to British
International Freight Association standards.

It has also begun to use online recruitment and an advertising agency, and
appointed a learning and development manager. In addition, it has put blue and
white-collar staff conditions and benefits on an equal footing – including the
provision of private healthcare and increased holidays for non-office staff.

Roux is optimistic the changes will help the firm meet the recruitment and retention
challenges it faces, particularly in sales.

"When we are looking for sales people, especially in London and the
South East, we don’t get the sparkling dynamic applicants we want; we get
people who have been in sales for years, going from company to company,"
Roux said.

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