Future leadership skills for UK organisations

Leadership training specialist Common Purpose polled 507 leaders of UK organisations on leadership issues. These are some of the results:

Top seven future skills for leaders

  1. Spotting opportunities and threats from outside
  2. Leading diverse teams
  3. Extending influence outside the organisation or department
  4. Networking across sectors
  5. Communicating across cultures
  6. Leading organisational change
  7. Cutting through complexity

Percentage of those polled – they could select more than one option – who said they lacked the confidence to deliver the following skills:

  • Influencing beyond the organisation/department: 51%
  • Leading diverse teams: 49%
  • Networking across sectors: 42%
  • Cutting through complexity: 38%
  • Leading organisational change: 37%
  • Motivating and engaging staff: 31%

Skills covered in leadership training undertaken by respondents:

  • Developing a vision and a strategy: 72%
  • Transforming the way I think: 65%
  • Leading diverse teams: 48%
  • Managing external stakeholders: 40%

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