Gadget of the month

Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS datacard

What is it? A little card that
slips into most laptops and provides access to high-speed internet services
while on the move. It hooks up to Vodafone’s 3G network
and offers speeds seven times faster than standard 56k dial-up. If 3G coverage
isn’t available, it will switch to the established GPRS XXX service.

What will it let me do? Access
internet-based e-mail accounts, surf the web, text, and with help from your IT
department access files from your office network. A link
would need to be arranged between the offices and Vodafone’s mobile network,
but it shouldn’t pose a problem.

How much does it cost? One-off
fee of between £50-180 (ex-VAT) for the card and then choice of four monthly
packages based on usage, ranging from £10 to £85 per month for the heavy user.

Where can I find out more? Go to for more information
or to purchase the datacard.

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